Visualize It


We are as old as we think.


As long as there is breath in our body

and desire in our heart, we can do anything.

I look for the people who are living the type of life I want to live and doing the things I want to do. It is so important to be able to visualize our desires and goals. To be able to see it through your mind’s eye will make all the difference in our choices.

Here is an example. I told my Mother as a high school student, I’m going to be an active healthy, senior citizen. I’m not going to have to take 100 pills everyday. And I truly believe it to this day and it dictates my actions. Actions such as my eating habits and how I take care of myself. Because of my beliefs, I am always meeting seniors who are active in their communities, exercise, bike, participate on boards and councils, travel and who are entrepreneurs. They are living!

Another example is how I used to say as a girl in my twenties, that if I had kids, I wasn’t going to let myself go. Now trust, after you give birth, it’s touch and go for a minute; but I truly believed I didn’t have to lose my swagger and who I am, because I am a Mother. I am willing to make sacrifices and adjustments, yes, but lose myself? Absolutely not! Besides, I already had my visual in place. I had met amazing women in my life’s journeys who were mothers way before I ever entertained becoming a wife and mother. They looked amazing. These were career oriented women who could drive their kids to soccer practice and run businesses. Most were married. It wasn’t easy for them and it’s not easy for me now, but I make it work just like those women who made me feel like I could do the motherhood thing! And on the hard days, those women still inspire me to this day. Of course, I have added a few more people to the Working Mothers Who Rock file in my mind over the years.

My desire is to show other Mothers they can still be loving, ever present wives and/or Mothers and not disappear into the abyss of motherhood. Motherhood is a privilege and a beautiful struggle. It’s not a bad thing. However, it will swallow you whole if you’re not careful; but I digress. It is my turn to be someone else’s visual. I need to pay it forward, because I’ve been so blessed with exposure.

It’s so much better when you can see your goal being lived out, because it really encourages you during the hard times. We’ve heard it a thousand times but our VIBE really does attract our TRIBE.

If you have the mindset of I’m never gonna do …… I’m never gonna get …… I just can’t …… You will look around and those negative vibes will have you surrounded by people who feel the exact same way. Why? No one who is fighting the good fight day in and day out to stay positive and overcome is going to want to be around that attitude continuously. It’s depressing. It’s discouraging. It’s heavy.

We have to find the visual. It has to be real. Vision boards are also awesome for this purpose. I have a couple that I see every single day. We have to protect our goals. There are days (we all have them) when my dream is the only thing getting me through the day. That feeling of hope. My faith is everything. Without it, I have nothing.

We’ve got to stop allowing negativity to steal our future. You may not be a mother or a women for that matter, but find yourself a a live example of who you desire to be, a person who has achieved the same goal you would like to accomplish and tuck it away in a mental file for safekeeping.

Shine Bright!

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