Top Reasons I Love My Business Model

Why on earth do I, a married Mother of 2 kids under the age of 6, need with something else to do?!

Because I’m a married Mother of Two!!!! I needed a non-kid hobby. I needed something fun. So I got into a business that worked with my lifestyle. Soon, I started to see that not only was my hobby fun, it was productive, and the money came in handy.


I don’t need anywhere ELSE I’m required to be. LoL! I wanted an online business where I truly conduct business online. Then, if I want to go out and network, I can on my own time; but I didn’t want anyone making me come to the company pep rally. 🎊🎉 I love that trainings and meetings are on Facebook and Zoom calls. Perfect for me because I can go back and watch the replay. I never put myself in a position to feel obligated to anything outside of my family. Playbacks are here for reason. I take advantage.


I don’t want another bill! Tuition, extracurriculars, family trips, ….. the kids actually want to eat EVERYDAY! So I didn’t want a Business that tells me I have to order the product every month. I don’t want to run a department store. It’s one thing to keep your VIP customers’ favorite items on hand. It’s another thing to be charged each month for products you may or may not use and then feel pressured to sell them. I don’t need anymore stress. Besides, although I started out as a hobbyist, I saw quickly that by rolling up my sleeves I could pull in some real discretionary income. It’s mental thing for me. If I want to keep an inventory, I want to have the option opposed to being made to so it. 🤷🏾‍♀️ (I sound like my 4 year old😏). I don’t even have to pay for my website as long as I sell $150 in 3 months. I’ve done that without even thinking for the last 3 years.


I totally take advantage of my online business model. I go live on FB and IG. I create videos and upload them to YouTube. I can do this whenever I have time. Preferably, after the kids go to bed or in between meetings while waiting in a lobby. I may record a video of myself at one time. Then edit my video at another time. I’ve gotten so good with my photo and video apps, that I can create content for my posts across social media in minutes. I totally work my business around my life. The flexibility was so important in my decision, because I didn’t want to get in over my head, setting myself up to quit a few months down the road. On another note, I’m a Multitasking Extraordinaire in all areas of my life so why not for my own business?


My business model has pulled me completely out of my comfort zone. It has pushed me out front and increased and added to my skill bank doing things that I already do but now it falls under the business category. I’ve even graduated to establishing my brand where very soon I will be implementing other products and services. It has sharpened my skills and enabled me to be of help to more women who desire a business. I get to share my fears, triumphs, and mistakes in the hopes that it will encourage someone to take a step forward. I’ve learned so much about myself. Each day I feel proud to know that through all the ‘life stuff’ I show up for not only myself and my family but for someone else. We never know who is watching us. It’s always good to be someone else’s hero. We can’t do that unless we grow!

So while in pursuit of starting your own business, make sure you find something that fits your lifestyle. Don’t set yourself up to fail from the beginning. Find something that you truly can work into your schedule, do some legwork, have fun with it and ride the wave! You never know where it might take you and how much you will inspire someone else!

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